Monday, July 29, 2019


A Mike Hammer Mystery
By Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins
Titan Books
198 pgs

Whenever Max Allan Collins delivers another Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer book, our thought is how the hits just keep coming. That is what each of these has been to date, bonfide gems based on either unfinished manuscripts or detailed plot outlines written by Spillane before his death. Collins efforts in bringing each to publication has been truly astounding and we mystery fans are all the richer for them.

In this latest outing, the New York based Hammer is hired by a handsome state senator with aspirations to being President. Unfortunately his extra-marital affairs have made him the target of a blackmailer and he requires the private eye’s help in extracting himself from his own warranted dilemma. Hammer reluctantly takes the job, though not his typical kind of work. There is a hefty payday involved and he’s not about to shrug that off lightly. His assignment, learn the identity of the blackmailer and retrieve the tape recording of the senator and his lovely secretary doing the hanky panky after hours.

Within the first twenty-fours, Hammer, and his faithful Velda, find the extortionist and it begins to look like an open and shut case. At which point a former state governor and World War II war hero, enters the story and things take a decidedly ugly turn. It’s the world of politics and when several characters end up dead, Hammer learns that all that is dirty and corrupt doesn’t only apply to the criminal empires.

Where power is the prize, evil will often extend its foul claws.  “ Murder, My Love,” is another fast reading mystery with enough action to keep any Spillane enthusiast thrilled from beginning to end. Amen.

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greg said...

I think Max Alan Collins does an excellent job with these Mike Hammer novels. As I understand it a couple have been just about finished, but, as you said, others were just a few chapters, or just summaries. Collins really has a great grasp of Hammer and it really feels, at least to this reader, that Spillane is still writing the books! Maybe that's the greatest compliment I can give. Readers should definitely search these books out and continue the Mike Hammer experience!

I still need to read the latest in the series; Masquerade For Murder. It was to have come out last January (2020).