Wednesday, October 23, 2019

EVA - Men's Adventure Supermodel

EVA – Men’s Adventure Supermodel
Edited by Robert Deis & Wyatt Doyle
New Texture Books
183 pgs.

Bob Deis and Wyatt Doyle have devoted their time and energies in preserving the history of Men’s Adventure Magazines that overflowed the newsstands racks after World War II throughout the 50s, 60s and into the early 70s. Their books fall under the appropriate umbrella title of “The Men’s Adventure Library” and their latest offering is a retrospective look back on the career of one of the most successful models of the period, Ms. Eva Lynd.

Ms. Lynd’s career covered a wide cultural spectrum from model, to pin-up, actress, singer, writer and actress. The Swedish born beauty modeled for some of the best glamour and pin-up photographers of the time while appearing in both films and television. Whereas the book’s primary focus is on her adventures as model for the great pulp artists such as Norm Eastman, Al Rossi, Mike Ludlow and even James Bama. It would be fair to say Ms. Lynd’s likeness appeared on hundreds of MAMs both in the over-the-top cover paintings to the black and white interior illustrations. On many occasions she was teamed with Steve Holland, the premier male model for these periodicals.

What is captivating here is Ms. Lynd actually narrates the book in her own words as she recalls many of her experiences vividly with charm and melancholy. It truly was a simpler time in many ways and she describes it with an honest sincerity that infuses the volume with a special, elegant grace.

This is a book long overdue. MAM’s were the evolution of the classic pulps of the 30s and 40s, both in fiction and art. Ms. Eva Lynd, via her natural beauty and charm was clearly one of the movements most endearing pioneers.

There are two different editions available from Amazon, one in paperback and the other a deluxe hardcover. The softcover is focused on Ms. Lynd’s work as an artist model while the hardcover contains an additional 80 pages. These include many of her classic glamour photos and others from her various acting roles.   

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Vol 68, No.1 -Issue # 363
Editor Marvin Kaye
Weird Tales Inc.
76 pgs.

Reading this “new” Weird Tales had us going backward in time when this pulp monthly was the most popular magazine on the newsstands. Via its pages, the “old” Weird Tales gave the world Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. If that’s all it had delivered, it would clearly have been enough. But it gave the world of American fiction so much more with an endless list of writers and artists today considered cultural legends.

Now a new group of dreamers have picked up the banner, collected a group of talented fantasiest and given us a whole new treasure chest of dark, twisted tales. Here are stories to build nightmares upon, beautiful told by Victor Lavalle, Josh Malerman, Lisa Morton, Jonathan Maberry, Hank Schwaeble and Marc Bilgrey.  Of them, our personal favorite being Maberry’s “Shadows Beneath the Stone,” which is as good a sword and sorcery yarn as we’ve ever read.

There is also bizarre poetry we are totally unqualified to judge and artwork we do hardly applaud. Desgin Director Jeff Wong has created such a beautiful package; just looking through the issue was a rewarding experience and his melding of story and illustrations simply inspiring.

So thank you, all who had a hand in bringing back Weird Tales. You’ve done something truly special here and it’s our hope, like the old classic, this new incarnation is around for a very long, long time.

Monday, October 14, 2019


(A Hollywood Cowboy Detectives adventure)
By Darryle Purcell
Buckskin Editions Westerns
166 pgs

Reading a new Darryle Purcell book is like having your favorite sweet dessert. In this, his latest Hollywood Cowboy Detectives tale, he pulls out all the stops and offers up another fast paced, action packed adventure that is pure pulp. 

In 1929 a newsreel crew disappeared in the Cascade Mountains of northern California while searching for the legendary creature known as Sasquatch. Years later, one of their film cameras is found in a charity auction held in an isolated mountain town. The head of Republic Pictures assigns top press writer, Curly Woods and studio chauffeur Nick Danby to go and investigate. Curly immediately contacts retired silent screen actor William S. Hart known to have a cabin in the area. Then he, Nick and western star Hoot Gibson, drive to up to rendezvous with Hart, who will guide them on this particular hunt.

Upon arriving in the Cascades they are ambushed by several members of the American communist party which only adds to the puzzle. What are Reds doing in the area and what is their connection to the missing film crew? This is followed by an encounter with a smelly, hairy beast and then an attack by a mechanical robot of unbelievable power.

From monsters, to spies and eventually a hidden underground city, our heroes never get a moment of rest as their quest leads them to an amazing discovery that underscores the dangers facing the world. Once again, Purcell invites his readers along displaying a genuine love of his characters, both real and fictional, and his understanding of the times. “Mystery of the American Yeti,” is a rootin-tootin’ gem.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


By Nick Mamatas
Tor Books
302 pgs  

Hexen Sabbath is an 11th Century British knight who enjoys his life of battle and pillaging. He considers himself a Christian warrior and meets his death in combat when he refuses to slay an innocent boy. Centuries later he awakens in modern New York brought back from the dead by an Angel to complete a mission for God. The seven deadly sins have been personified in human form and are planning to destroy the world in a nuclear holocaust. It is Sabbath’s mission to find them and slay them all by decapitation thereby saving mankind.

Before he can begin his gruesome work, Sabbath is befriended by a young woman of Russian descent named Jennifer. Realizing he needs a guide in this new age, he reveals his identity to her and his mission. To his surprise, she reluctantly becomes his ally. By doing so she instantly becomes a target of Sabbath’s most cunning opponents, Pride. In our world, Pride is a powerful politician with aspirations to become the President.

“Sabbath” is dark, humorous romp through today’s sensibilities as it satirically depicts each of the Seven Deadly Sins in all too recognizable personas the readers will be familiar with. There is also lots of blood and gore along the way. It is a daring romp with no quarter given as philosophy meets spirituality head on. This books rocks.