Thursday, April 27, 2023




Edited by Jim Main & Robert J. Sodaro

Magazine format

36 pgs.


A good friend surprised us the other day by sending along this terrific looking new magazine series devoted to pulps. Not overly large in contents, what this issue # 7 makes up in is the quality of the few articles it does feature. And then there are the wonderful reproductions of art throughout. Note, the color reproductions of the old pulp covers is gorgeous and the sampling of the late Frank Hamilton’s stipple art pieces beautiful.  

Article wise, Will Murray leads off with an insightful look at the evolution of the Shadow into a gun-blasting avenger. Whereas very few fans today are unaware that this particular persona was never writer Walter Gibson’s intent. In the early years, the Shadow left the vanquishing of his foes to others. How all that changed makes for fascinating reading. 

Next up, Michael Housel looks at the career of premier Shadow cover artist George Jerome Rozen and deftly examines some of his more popular pieces. It’s extremely well done. Finally, writer Dennis Kininger takes a look at the Shadow’s agents. He shines a light on their attributes and skills, how they were recruited by the crimebusting avenger and their roles in various adventures. Lots of fun for both long time Shadow fans and newbies. 

All in all, PULP FAN # 7 is terrific, beautiful magazine truly worth your interest.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023




Book Three of the Vim Hood Chronicles

By Terry Mark

Available from Amazon

278 pgs


With this book, writer Terry Mark wraps up his alternate world mega-saga he began several years ago with his first novel, “Kill the Night.” Having brought events to World War II, famous personalities ala Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla, Glen Miller and sailor Paul Newman mysterious find themselves on a lost island in the North Atlantic where exist the super powerful Vim material. Adolph Hitler and the Nazis want it so as to assure their victory ultimate domination over all mankind. 

In this second half of that struggle, Mark has the German using amazing technical weapons to battle giant robots and monstrous mythological beasts all part of the wondrous island that well may be the long lost Atlantis. Each chapter propels the cast forward in incredible adventures all culminating in a truly epic campaign between the forces of good versus those of pure, merciless evil. 

If you enjoy wild, unbridle adventure, look no further. Terry Mark’s writing is sensational and damn impossible to categorize. He simply writes poignant and sometimes nightmarish scenarios that will thrill the most jaded sci-fi, fantasy readers. Don’t miss this one and when you’ve finished it, tell your friends about it. We just did.

Monday, April 10, 2023




Hollywood Cowboy Detectives # 8

By Darryle Purcell

Available at Amazon

146 pgs


The three amigos, Curly Woods PR guy, Hoot Gibson former western star and Nick Danby studio chauffeaur, are back again in another fantastic adventure. But this time writer Purcell, sets his action-packed tale after the end of World War II, 1946. Nick is a combat vet doing his best to return to civilian life. When Monogram’s second Charlie Chan actor, Sidney Toler, goes missing, Nick’s older brother, studio boss Rick Danby, sends Curly and Hoot to find him. At the same time he hopes they can help Nick overcome his own personal mental depression and adjust to his former fun loving personality.  PTSD has always been prevalent after every war ever raged. In 1946 they called it “Shell shock.”


Only too eager to help their pal, Curly and Hoot begin searching Los Angeles’ own Chinatown and ultimately, with Nick’s help, learn Toler is being held in some kind of new hospital and undergoing some fancy new radiation treatment. They then encounter a mysterious doctor with ties to former Nazis who are now working with Communist agents. They are illegally experimenting with atomic rays. Rays that can turn normal spiders into giant mutated monsters. Once again the boys are up their necks in trouble battling forces intent on destroying America.


Purcell’s writing is flawless and his characters tons of fun. This is a series we relish and each new entry is like an early Christmas gift. If you haven’t met the Hollywood Detectives yet, what are you waiting for?

Monday, April 03, 2023




(The Return of Ul Quorn, Book 1)

By Allen Steele

Amazing Stories

108 pgs


Once again we find ourselves playing catch up with a new pulp series. Last year we found “Captain Future – The Guns of Pluto.” Seeing that it was a new adventure based on Edmond Hamilton’s classic pulp hero, we eagerly snatched up a copy and loved it. At which point we learned it was the third entry in the series by veteran writer Allen Steele. The first chapter had been released by another publisher with the title “Avengers of the Moon.” We found it, read and give it major thumbs up.

Sadly things went awry and that publisher chose not to continue the series. Steele then partnered with the good folks at Amazing Stories and wrote two more action packed entries. In “Captain Future in Love,” he picks up the story of orphaned Curt Newton who was raised by an android, cyborg and robot in a hidden cave on the moon. Newton’s obsession is to find the corrupt millionaire politician who murdered his parents.  

But first Captain Future must deal with possible terrorists  on attack Venus installations. This triggers flashback memories wherein we learn of his first visit to that planet as a teenager and his encounter with a lovely young thief who steals his heart. It’s a fun tale and told with the proper emotional sensitivity. As with his other Captain Future stories, Steele combines elements of both hard science fiction with the more romantic elements of pulp space operas. What are two radically different styles merge seamlessly in his storytelling. Having read both the first and third, we’re delighted to have filled in the missing chapter of this truly enjoyable saga. Ed Hamilton would have loved these. 

Saturday, April 01, 2023

LEVON'S RIDE - Levon Cade Book # 3



Levon Cade # 3

By Chuck Dixon

Rough Edges Press

90 pgs Story

49 pg preview of next in series.


We are big fans of this series about an ex-marine widow, single father, trying his best to get by in a world filled with criminals, organized gangsters, corrupt politicians and perverts praying on the young and innocent. That the so-called “civilized” world Cade came home to after his campaigns in the Middle East. Not exactly the Norman Rockwell America we all once valued. 

Whereas Dixon’s writing is always lean, mean and just amazingly well structured. We had a real problem with the book’s overall make up. Whereas his actual story only takes up 90 slim pages, it was clearly intended to be an action packed bridge between volumes two and four. With that goal, the book ends up being too slim for the publisher and so to fill more pages, we’re give almost 50 pages from book four. Huh?

Sorry but as a professional review, we really detest these kinds of “preview” chapters. If we like a book well enough, we don’t need any prompting to pick up the next in the series.  And especially one that goes all of 50 pages. Would have been a lot better had the author simply given us story for this bridge episode. In the end, Dixon remains a favorite and you’ll enjoy those 90 pages. After that you’re on your own.