Sunday, November 18, 2007

MY LINKS - Who Are Those Guys?

Ever since starting Pulp Fiction Reviews I've kept my links file short. Whereas this site is dedicated to books and readers, I didn't want to put lots of links related to other endeavors, even if they were fun and special to me. But there are five there and I thought I'd give you an introduction to each in the hopes you will check them out.

Airship 27 is my personal home webpage and it is here I ramble and rant every Friday morning on my weekly Flight Log essay which will cover anything from movies, my grand kids to the Boston Red Sox. So if you want to know a bit more about what makes me tick. Please, stop on by.

Pulp Factory is an informal club of pulp enthusiasts. It was the brain child of my buddy Anthony Schiavino and we have about 25 members. We use this blog regularly to promote our various projects.

Hard Case Crime is without the best new paperback publisher to come along in the last twenty years. Publisher Charles Ardai selects the finest hard edged mysteries from both the new and classic ranks and then dresses them up with eye-popping covers. If you've never read a HCC book, you are missing out on lots of fun.

Docs 50 is another review site very similar to this one and is the work of Troy Holaday. I wasn't unaware of it until he wrote me to suggest we swap links and added that he was a frequent visitor to this column. After checking out his site, I was amazed at how similar our taste are in a totally eclectic fashion. So if you enjoy reading my reviews, please, check out Troy's column. It's superbly done.

I Was A Bronze Age Boy - I cut this title on the link, only because it is a wee bit long to print. Ha. And this is such a quirky site, describing it is difficult. My good buddy, fellow writer, Mark Justice, seems to have opened the vaults to his massive collection of old comics, paperbacks and pulps and every day posts these fantastic covers from days long gone by, but never forgotten.
So if you are a few decades past 30, you may find yourself, like me, going down memory lane every time I click on to his nostalgic treasure mine.

There you have it. Don't expect to see more. Ha. And as always, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my reviews. You are the folks who have made this so much fun for me over the past year. Thanks ever, Ron.


Doc said...

Just a quick word of thanks for linking to my relatively new blog! I love the breadth of the material you cover here and the depth in which you cover it. Keep up the great work. I only hope my little online project can clear the bar set by your Pulp Fiction Reviews.

Ron Fortier said...

All very kind of you to say, Doc.
A humble thanks. Bring to mind something I was reminded of again when the last Harry Potter book came out and I found myself standing in a line at a local Walmart after midnight with over 200 hundred other readers...and that's the fact that readers are simply intelligent, kind, and warm hearted people. Since starting this blog, you and everyone else who has stopped by has proven that time and time again. Makes you truly wish more people were readers.

Derrick Ferguson said...

I'm going to check out those links since I can never get enough pulp and I really need to start networking and just kickin' th' willy bobo with other pulp lovers.

Thanks, Ron! You da man!

Ron Fortier said...

Hi D.L. Do check out Doc's site for
lots more really great reviews.
And right now the Pulp Factory has
the cover to my latest graphic novel,
Daughter of Dracula posted. Check em out. And stop by tomorrow for my
newest book review.

Doc said...

Congrats on banging out your new book!

Ron Fortier said...

Thanks Doc. Been a truly fun week,
what with wrapping up a new pulp novel and now having the graphic novel released. Oh yeah, sometimes
it all comes out just fine. Ha.
Thanks for the well wishes, amigo.

P. J Thorndyke said...

Hi Ron,

I'm glad I found you and your blog. There isn't nearly enough pulp goodness on the internet but your sites are great! Definitely going to check out some of your work. Incidentally, how does one go about requesting a review for a new novel from Pulp Fiction Reviews?


Ron Fortier said...

Hi P.J. Simply send me a copy of your book to the address below and be sure you send along your e-mail address so I can contact you after it's been reviewed.

Ron Fortier
Pulp Fiction Reviews
2519 S. Shields #104
Fort Collins, CO