Thursday, July 14, 2022



A few months ago, Canadian editor/publisher Alex Michaud sent us copies of his new quarterly magazine, “The Masked Avenger.” Each of these little books (5 ½ by 8 ½ inches) is crammed packed with both prose stories and comic strips. The strips primarily feature the hero himself, an international wrestler turned crime fighter. The strips are a great deal of fun and reproduce well enough. Unfortunately the prose isn’t to lucky in that many of the articles and reviews are of such small size, our old eyes simply couldn’t finish any of them. It is mags only really flaw. It needs to be bigger. And I recently attempted to check out their web page only to learn discover it wasn’t available at the link listed in the book.  So we hopped over to Amazon and found a couple of the Masked Avenger books there. See link below. 

I really like what Michaud and his team of put together here and their enthusiasm for pulp action and adventure is so obvious. Here’s hoping they’ll rethink the mags format in the future. My old eyes would be most appreciated.

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