Friday, January 15, 2021




By Marc Olden

A Book

349 pgs

In the dark corners of the occult world, a powerful European psychic named Jonathan seeks the mystical Throne of Solomon; a magical seat of power that will grant him dominion over the entire world including the realms of Hell. But to find the Throne, he must travel to New York and resurrect the dead body of Justin Coltman, another practitioner of the dark arts recently deceased.

At the same time Jonathan is being hunted by a relentless British bare-knuckle fighter named Pierce James Figg, whose wife the magician had slain. For all his abilities, Jonathan fears the boxer on a primal level even he cannot comprehend. When Figg learns the killer has fled to America, he solicits the aid of his friend, writer Charles Dickens. The accomplished author provides Figg with a letter of introduction to the one man who might be able to help him find and defeat the Satanist, Edgar Allan Poe.

Unbeknown to Jonathan, grave-robbers have stolen Coltman’s body and his widow, Rachel, has asked Poe to help retrieve it. Whereas Poe is already enamored with the grieving beauty and battling his own alcoholic demons agrees to act as her representative. Determined to find and claim Coltman’s corpse, Jonathan sets about destroying all who stand in his way. Whereas Figg soon realizes, he has no chance of finding and defeating the monster without the help of the dark-eyed, haunted writer.

Olden is a master storyteller and with “Poe Must Die,” he sets about unveiling a mesmerizing, fast paced drama filled with action, horror and pathos. His depiction of Poe is sympathetic and all too realistic. He offers the readers the portrait of a literary genius whose life was filled with pain and loneliness, all which he captured in his tales and poems that continue speak to us through the ages. This is a truly exceptional novel you don’t want to miss.   

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