Wednesday, January 27, 2021


The Adventures of Kiki and Bridget

By Matthew Bieniek

Available at Amazon

262 pages

We are always delighted with New Pulp writers like Matthew Bieniek self-publish. The opportunities available to creators today are wonderful. This new series follows the flying adventures of two college chums, Kristina “Kiki” Hansen and Bridget Doyle who, shortly after World War One, are recruited by a group known as the International Criminal Police Organization. Think of it as precursor to Interpol.

What with their flying skills, the ICPO has the duo hunting a foreign agent known only as The Belgian. Apparently this criminal mastermind’s goal is to subvert any and all new flying advancements for his own purposes. What with air travel gradually becoming economically lucrative, it is clear The Belgian hopes to establish his own corporate flying enterprise and he will do anything to achieve his goal.

Thus Kiki and Bridget find themselves going from one aircraft manufacture to the next in their constant attempts to both uncover and foil their nemesis’ plans at the risk of their own lives. The girls are two of the most likeable pulp heroes ever devised and Bienek puts them through their aviation paces. In fact as a tribute to the old movie serials, many of the chapters in this first book close on a cliffhanger wherein one or both of the ladies is within minutes of doom. Honestly, we loved every single one of these melodramatic moments to the max.

“Barnstormers – Book One – The Adventures of Kiki and Bridget” is available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. If you like spills and thrills, and spunky dames who know how to fight, you do not want to miss this one.

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