Friday, March 20, 2009


By Gabriel Hunt
Leisure Books
226 pages
Available in April 09

Just a little over two years ago, writer-publisher, Charles Ardai, and an associate, burst on to the pulp scene with their noir imprint, Hard Case Crime. Since then they’ve given pulp fans over fifty of the finest pulp noir mysteries, crime and thrillers from both new works and reprints of long forgotten classics. Both the company and several of its books have justifiably won awards. Of course, once saturated into the world of pulp fiction, it was only a matter of time before Ardai would turn his creative attention to the most popular genre of that field, the hero pulps.

Thus he’s created a second imprint, Leisure Books, solely for the purpose of giving us the exploits of a modern day, globe-trotting pulp action hero; Gabriel Hunt. With his roots firmly in the past ala classic 30s pulp heroes, while brandishing today’s modern technology, Hunt joins his contemporaries Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin, Jack Reacher and Special Agent Pendergast, among others, as a terrific new two-fisted star.

In this first adventure, an old Confederate flag may be the clue that unlocks the mystery of one of the world’s oldest legends. From the swamps of Georgia to the jungles of Guatemala and a lost Mayan city, Hunt and a beautiful Mexican scientist pursue an ancient mystery with death hounding their every step. Bestselling novelist James Reasoner is the imagination behind this debut outing and he delivers it all, fast pacing, exotic locales, damsels in distress and a classic pulp quest. Other well known writers will be assuming the by-line in subsequent installments.

This is a dynamite new series and AT THE WELL OF ETERNITY a grand debut send off. Clearly, the “Hunt” for adventure has begun!

CORRECTION ADD ON - I mistakenkly thought Charles Ardai had started Leisure Books. Erin Galloway, Manager of Marketing was kind enough to correct me. "Established in 1972, Leisure Books is an imprint of Dorchester Publishing, the oldest independent mass market publisher. We worked with Charles to create the Hunt series." My apologies and thanks for setting the record straight here.


David Cranmer said...

I was going to purchase this anyway but your review only enforced it. Thanks.

Ron Fortier said...

Your welcome, David. Thanks for dropping by. You're in for a treat when you read this one.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Yep - I'm looking forward to this series and the fact that the first book is by James Reasoner is all the more incentive.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds well worth a read.