Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Hair Club President

There use to be a popular television commercial for hair growth products on television that I always got a big kick out. The sales dude identified himself as the president of the company and at the end of each segment, he'd hold up a before picture of himself bald as a cue ball and say, "I'm not only the Hair Club president, I'm also a client."

Which is why the logo at the top of this column. You see, I am not only a reader and reviewer, I'm also a writer. But it would be inappropriate for me to ever review my own work here so I thought I'd merely announce the fact that they do exist and you might want to check them out.

For the past few years, artist Rob Davis and I have produced pulp novels and anthologies under the Airship 27 Production banner. All our books are published via Cornerstone Book Publishers of New Orleans, Michael Poll publisher. And they are all available through all the major distributors world wide, to include Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. etc. We even have our own on-line store ( Please, stop on by and check out our titles. If you enjoy fast paced, action packed fiction, then I think we have something special for you. Thanks ever, Ron.


Unknown said...

Ron, Rob and publisher Michael Poll put out the best pulp going these days. If you're a fan of classic pulp fiction then you owe to yourself to check out the Airship's line of books. And, like that hair club president of yesteryear, I, too, enjoyed the Airship line as a reader and now I get to write for them! I'm happy to be a member of this team!

Ron Fortier said...

Thanks, Andrew, much appreciated.
Ironically the very same week I
post this notice, my colleague Doc Holaday has just read and written
a marvelous review of my first Captain Hazzard adventure, PYTHON MEN OF THE LOST CITY. Just go to my links column to right and click on
DOC 50.
After you read his review, go check out the store. And thanks ever.

Rachel Burr said...

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