Monday, February 27, 2023




By Leonard Goldberg

Minotaur Books

303 pgs


When we breeze through a book of 300 pages swiftly, it is a sign that it is not only well written, but that the story itself is totally captivating. And both those elements are clearly present in this wonderful book. Of course it helps if you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan as we are.    

The plot opens quickly in 1914. Sherlock Holmes has been dead for several years. His companion, widower Dr. John Watson, has made 221 B Baker St. his permanent resident and often enjoys the company of his son, Dr. John Watson the second. Watson senior occasionally sees people seeking assistance based on his time with the Great Detective. Such is the case when Miss Mary Harrelston arrives seeking their help in proving her older brother, Charles, did not commit suicide by hurling himself out of a two story downtown office building. The father and son amateur detectives soon learn that there were three eye witnesses to the man’s tragic demise; a gardener working across the street at the time and a young widow taking a stroll with her ten year old son. They begin their investigation by interviewing the woman, a Mrs. Joanna Blalock and her son John.  

Young Dr. Watson is taken not only with Mrs. Blalock’s beauty, but also her keen intellect. The attractive widow is immediately intrigued by their inquiries and begins to express her own misgivings as to the police’s verdict and what she actually witnessed. She volunteers to assist the two doctors in their quest for the truth and proves herself most adept in the role. Whereas Watson senior is already familiar with the woman and her lineage and when he reveals it in confidence to his son, the story’s narrative shifts into high gear.  

“The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes” is a pure delight and Joanna Blalock one of the most endearing detectives to inherit the legacy of Sherlock Holmes. Oh, that someone in Hollywood would latch on to this book. We can always dream.

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