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A Maxi and Moxie Mystery

By Teel James Glenn

Bold Adventure Press

180 pgs.


When we first saw the ads for this book, we were excited at what it suggested; a new mystery series featuring a sleuthing husband and wife team. Shades of Nick & Nora Charles, or Mr. & Mrs. North, not to forget McMillan & Wife. All of which were favorites not so much for the mysteries as for the bantering relationships of the protagonists. At the back of this book, Glenn also offers up a nice little essay on reporters as detectives. But again, not what drew us to the series.

Not only are our leads married, they also live in Hollywood during its golden days of the 1930s. Moxi is a publicity writer for a studio while his lovely redheaded Maxi is an actress whose career is on the rise. Against this backdrop, we’re constantly given lots of marvelous movie trivia and none other than Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi appears as one of the supporting players. It’s all put forth by a first person narration from Moxie; a wry, sarcastic soul who is madly in love with his wife.

The central plot revolves around the savage murders of several movie related personnel and the strange disappearances of three young starlets. A former newspaper reporter, Moxie can’t help but get involved, especially when several of the victims were part of the crew working on Maxi’s new flick. His concern isn’t only to solve the murders, but to make sure nothing happens to his better half along the way.

Award winning pulp writer Glenn spins a truly colorful, exciting tale with just a touch of the supernatural to spice things up. At the same time, he introduces us to two of the most charming and likeable characters in all of New Pulp fiction today. “Callback for a Corpse” delivers everything it promised…and more. That’s says it all.


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