Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MYTHICAL - Brothers in Stone

MYTHICAL – Brothers in Stone
By C.E. Martin
275 pages

The second of C.E. Martin’s new pulp superhero action trilogy hits the ground running from page one and doesn’t let up until the last.  Picking up where the first, Heart of Stone, left off, Colonel Kenslir, military chief of the ultra secret Detachment 1039, is convinced he has destroyed the shape-shifting dragon that had posed a threat to national security and he has returned to Argon Tower, the group’s secret headquarters in Miami.

Unfortunately the ancient beast, Ketzkahtel, isn’t so easily killed and has returned to the living with a vengeance.  Determined to make Kenslir and his people suffer, the immortal monster travels to the deserts of Arizona to the long buried sarcophagus containing his twin brother.  Once raised back to life, the two will become unstoppable and the world will lay defenseless at their feet.

Meanwhile Kenslir and his newest recruit, recent high school graduate Josie Winter, aren’t without their own new allies in a spunky, sexy F.B.I. agent named Keegan and her psychic protégé Victor.  Martin infuses his tale with truly fun, oddball characters and enough wall-to-wall battles to fill three books, let alone one.  He paints his action sequences vividly so as to become cinematic and it’s all too easy to imagine them brought to life on the silver screen.

Super powered heroes versus the blackest magical forces in a pot-bubbling stew that will have you turning pages and losing track of time.  Martin’s work is addictive and we mean that in the most complimentary ways possible.  The third and final volume, Blood and Stone and it can’t get here soon enough.  Do not miss this series, action lovers.


Unknown said...

That's the third volume in the shaoeshifter storyline. Book 4 will be out within the next two weeks (ebook), and I have three more planned for 2013 as well as a series of companion short stories.

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