Friday, March 15, 2013


Ed. By Percival Constantine
Created by Jim Beard
Pro Se Productions
188 pages
Guest Reviewer – Todd Jones

Monster Aces is a mash-up of old monster movies and cliffhanger serials. Set in the 1930s, the Aces are essentially the “A-Team “of monster hunters. Digger is the team’s muscle, Gats is the weapons expert, Joker is the handsome wisecracker, and Cap’n is their no-nonsense leader. There is also their unofficial member, the beautiful but mysterious young woman, Trill. Having left their old lives behind them, the team’s members have dedicated themselves to helping the Cap’n rid the world of any and all kinds of nasty creatures that may threaten the human race.

Every tale in the anthology has the Aces tackling a different monster menace in a new locale. The four writers that contributed to this book do an excellent job of mixing together plenty of suspense, horror and action into each story in their own distinctive voice. My hope is that there will eventually be a follow-up to this book that will delve more into the team’s origin and the members’ individual backgrounds. If you love your monsters with a slice of adventure, you’ll enjoy this book.

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Paladin said...

Purchased this in ebook format from Amazon. And I was more than pleased with it. It really did have the 'flavor' of the old pulps and Universal pictures to the stories. Only thing I thought was missing were a few illustrations like in the old pulps. I hope they come out with more stories as I will certainly buy it.