Tuesday, June 18, 2024




From the Case Files of Bishop Kincaid

Kellie Austin

Atomic Press

278 ps


When readers ask us our definition of “pulp,” we give this answer. Any fast paced, action adventure story, regardless of genres, having exotic locales, a larger than life hero and a truly heartless dastardly villain. That pretty sums it all up. Which is why we are over the top impressed with writer Kellie Austin’s first pulp novel; it has every single one of these elements.   

Whereas they are all mixed together in a crazy goulash that definitely requires an index to know who’s who as the book opens. Of course Bishop Kincaid is our protagonist with a past, though we aren’t exactly quite sure what he is? A vampire? A god? An elemental force? Whatever the answer, one weird trait with him is the fact that different people “see” him as different personas. Within the first early chapters, it is quite clear we are not in our world but a totally different earth known as “the green.” Here all manner of beasts and myths exist. Include a mysterious entity from Kincaid’s past seeking to destroy him via a giant worm, torturing his former allies and in the end transforming his true love, Dani, into a blood sucker.  There are also airships galore, if all that wasn’t enough and a rocket car called the Blue Racer driven by an intelligent Neanderthal.  

Honestly, if after all that, you aren’t the least bit curious, there’s nothing more we can say. “The Rembrandt Stratagem” is pulp fiction unchained. It’s a no-holds-barred romp guarentteed to delight most fans and mostly annoy the others. How’s that for an original pitch? Bravo, Kellie Austin, you have us cheering.



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