Friday, May 10, 2024




A Vigilante Justice Thriller # 11

By Chuck Dixon

Rough Edge Press

183 pgs


Chuck Dixon’s eleventh Levon Cade book picks up a few months after the climax of his last. Cade has moved his family to Idaho and bought himself a mid-size ranch where he hopes to raise horses with his daughters, Uncle Fern and tag-along vet pal, Wes. All seems to be going fine, their Holman alias working well enough until one morning when they awaken to discover their five horses have been stolen.

With the aid of a recently hired cowboy named Ray, Cade goes into the surrounding high country in the search of the thieves. What he is unaware of is an old nemesis is hot on his trail, working for a vicious cartel with a score to settle. Once again, Chuck Dixon amps up the thrills with his lean economic narrative, propelling the action like classic pulp pacing. The hallmark of his Cade series, action galore from start to finish.

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