Monday, February 26, 2024



(Levon Cade Book Seven)

By Chuck Dixon

Rough Edge Press

227 pgs


Happily, this reviewer, with this book, has filled in the gaps and will now be able to catch up with the series as they move forward. With “Levon’s Time,” we pick up Cade after his rescue mission back in Iraq and finds him slowly attempting to slip out of the region among refugees and get back to the states. Unfortunately his noble intervention in saving a young teenage girl from being raped by a Turkish government agent lands him in a hellish Turkish prison. Posing as a Canadian national, Cade does his best to stay alive while methodically assessing his next move to escape.

Meanwhile back in Alabama, his daughter Merry has run into her own threatening situation when she, and a friend, rescue a young Colombian girl being held prisoner by thugs belong to a Mexican drug cartel. Dixon’s ploy in weaving us back and forth between Cade’s violent struggles and his daughter’s cunning confrontation with sex traffickers is masterful in keeping the suspense and pacing of the book at high speed.  

We absolutely love this series and recommend it highly. In a world too often dark and depressing, where good is bad and vice versa, having heroes like Cades is medicine for the soul.


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