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Edited by Robert Deis & Wyatt Doyle

# new texture

295 pgs


One of the many reasons we’ve always loved the pulps was their outrageous mixing of fiction genres. Via their hundreds of monthly titles one might find one devoted to cowboy romances or another to vampire pirates. Somehow the wilder the mix-up, the more fun the stories. Which is why this latest anthology from Men’s Adventure Magazine historians Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle is easily one of their best releases to date. Devoted to preserving the history of MAMS, they’ve in the past offered dozens of amazing books. All these showcased the creative writers, artists and editors who took up the mantle of pulp fiction after World War II and filled American newsstands with some truly entertaining periodicals.  

Of course most of those MAMS were geared to the returning vets and their spotlight focused on action-adventure yarns for the most part. Still, every now and then, an odd duck sort tale would appear that was clearly something…else? Stories of aliens, bizarre monsters and creatures that echoed the fantastic yarns of the early pulps, especially the classic Weird Tales. Thus, it was only inevitable that Deis and Doyle would finally get around to assembling a collection of these so called “throwbacks.” We happy to say they’ve so with panache. 

Eliciting prologues from pulp authority Mike Chomko, and MAM fan Steven Dziemianowicz, they offer up 19 of the most sensational, out-there tales ever to assemble between two covers. From vampire hunting, to sex with gorgeous alien invaders, “Atomic Werewolves and Man-Eating Plants” delivers the goods with each story somehow even stranger than the one before it. The book is also gorgeously designed with actual art from the source magazines the stories were printed it in. All of which results in one of the most delicious reading entrees ever offered a pulp reader. Thanks gentlemen and please, do give us more.

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