Saturday, July 08, 2023




A Science Fiction Private Eye Novel

By Duane Spurlock

InterroBang Tales

303 pgs


Every now and then a book comes along that pretty much spins readers around as if caught in a carnival ride. Spurlock’s story takes place in an alaternate Earth where Native Americans still are active and present in modern times; New York is called New Angouleme and hidden among the billions of humans on the planet are agents of outer space alien races; both friendly and not so friendly.

The protagonist of our tale is one such agent known as Space Detective. He poses as a private eye who ears a bright red helmet over his head all the time. He’s one of the good aliens and his sidekick, is a Plutonian AI who lives in a canister hidden somewhere in his office. Space Detective hears his pal via telepathy.

When strange events begin happening throughout the city, all teenagers going wild because of comic books and factory works becoming violent due to tainted beer, Space Detective suspects these are diversions masking an all out invasion. When he’s proven correct, it takes all his energy and unique gadgets to foil the enemy and save the planet.

“Space Detective” is a truly remarkable work of imagination run riot and if you are looking for something truly “out there” then look no further. This book is simply weird from the first page to the last in a delightful, fun way. Nuff said.



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