Tuesday, May 16, 2023




(Levon Cade: Book Two)

By Chuck Dixon

Rough Edges Press

193 pgs


Whereas we’ve already reviewed the truncated book # 3 in this series, it was time to back pedal and get to this one, which is by far the more impactful entry. Picking up where number left off, former Marine Levon Cade, and his daughter, are on the lam from vicious South American drug cartels whose plans he foiled in the first volume. Opting to get as far away from any hunters, Cade heads for the deep forest of Maine in the middle of winter; a more inhospitable environment would be hard to find in the continental U.S.  

Whereas Cade’s luck turns sour as the lake community he’s chosen to hide in is the target of a deadly squad of killers searching after the stolen wealth of a former New York Ponzi scheme magnet named Blanco. Having already murdered the man and his family in South America without find the loot, the team is now hell-bent on searching every one of the dead man’s holdings. Including his forgotten Maine lodge. And so their path of death and destruction crosses Cade’s escape haven and the second it does, the bullets fly and the action explodes.  

Dixon is a master of writing fast paced, nail biting action sequences. What we found truly remarkable and fun in this particular tale is how Cade’s daughter, Merry, has adapted to their survival lifestyle and when separated from her father for a while, she easily begins using the skills he taught her diligently. In the end, she’s just as savvy as her old man. 

“Levon’s Night” is a brutal, non-stop action thriller worthy of the series…and your support.


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