Friday, October 29, 2010


Greetings one and all.  Just wanted to post a quick message here to apologize for the lack of new reviews here.  The move from New Hampshire to Colorado was a radical operation and although we've settled in nicely to our new Fort Collins home, I'm still playing catch up with most of writing obligations and thus my own personal reading has taken a back seat.  Sorry about that.  I'm currently reading Barry Reese's fifth ROOK adventures and will post a review soon as I can wrap it up.  In the meanwhile, one of my own stories has just been released in Moonstone's new GREEN HORNET CHRONICLES.  I hope you'll pick it up, as aside my humble entry, it truly has some memorable tales of the verdant clad hero and his kung-fu sidekick, Kato.  Thanks for stopping by as always and Happy Halloween.

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