Friday, January 02, 2009


By Laura E. Reeve
RoC Sicence Fiction
324 pages

I can’t think of a better way of starting a new year of Pulp Fiction Reviews then with the premier of a new science fiction series by a very talented writer. The Press Release that accompanied PEACEKEEPER explained that Laura E. Reeve is a former Air Force Officer and that her experiences as a participant in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty inspired this sci-fi military thriller.

Ariane Kedros is a pilot aboard a two man exploration vessel called Aether’s Touch. Her single crew is the ship’s and company’s owner, Matt Journey. Matt was born on a generation ship and has a phobia about open spaces. Besides her career as a pilot, Kedros is also a reserve major in the Consortium of Autonomous Worlds, CAW, often undertaking assignments for the intelligence branch.

Fifteen years earlier, Kedros piloted a ship on a secret mission that resulted in the total annihilation of an entire solar system. She and her team were duped by their superiors and didn’t realize the true purpose of their flight until it was too late. They barely managed to return in one piece. Even though this horrendous action brought about peace negotiations between the CAW and their foes, the Terran Expansion League, Kedros and her team were all given new identities to protect them from possible retribution.

But some demons come from within and Ariane Kedros is plagued by her own conscience to the point of becoming an alcoholic. When members of her old squad start turning up dead, her superiors believe they have somehow been unmasked and that a cunning assassin is going after them one by one. Amidst this life and death puzzle, Kedros is sent as a CAW representative to oversee the first official disarmament inspection by a Terran party of a CAW military space station. She is about to confront the very people who, if they knew her true identity, would demand her head on a pike.

PEACEKEEPER moves along at a good clip with several mysterious sub-plots that include an alien race with their own secret agenda. There’s also the discovery of strange ancient ruins on a newly discovered planet and the murder of Matt’s business partner. How all these threads come together is dealt with quite nicely in this first chapter of Major Ariane Kedros’ adventures. Several plots are left open ended and I, for one, am eager to see where this is all going to go. This is good, old fashion science fiction with some great characters. You don’t want to pass it up.


Bill Spangler said...

I've looked at this and put it back more than once, but I think you just talked me into it.

Ron Fortier said...

Ha, well, that's my job here, Bill.
Honestly, you won't be disappointed.
Me, I'm hoping they send me the second one to review as well. Its a fun series.