Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Tales From Deadwood
by Mike Jameson
Berkley Western Novel
246 pages

Upon picking up this book, I realized it was actually third and final entry of a trilogy centered around the town of Deadwood and its colorful citizens during that fateful summer of 1876 when Wild Bill Hickock was shot and killed in the # 10 Saloon.

The first two books in the series, DEADWOOD and the GAMBLERS, I am assuming, introduced the large cast and then proceeded to develop the separate plots leading to this climatic chapter.

To that end, Hickock’s murder is a pivotal element in the book and comes at about the half-way mark. It is well told and historically accurate. The other stories here are also a much fun. There is the tale of young gunfighter, Bellamy Bridges, and the battle for his soul. Englishman Dick Seymour’s Pony Express race against the unscrupulous Jed Powell through Sioux territory has some very exciting actions moments and the colorful saloon and bordello owners, Al Swearengen and Laurette Parkhurst add much evil spice to this heady western melodrama.

It’s a dandy read and I’m going to be ordering the first two volumes. So, if you too are as fascinated by the life and times of Wild Bill Hickok, you couldn’t find two better books to read.

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