Saturday, January 06, 2007


Eerey Tocsin
in the Cryptoid Zoo
by Kevin Noel Olson
157 pages

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One of the privileges of writing a review column is being able to break your own rules. You see, this is a column devoted to modern day pulp fiction and this title is certainly not that. It is a wonderful, exciting, extremely original children's book by the very talented Mr.Olson.

Having had the pleasure of reading the manuscript before it went to the presses, I was only to happy to contribute a small cover blurb for this terrific story. And now that the book is out and marvelously illustrated by Debi Hammack, I want all you Harry Potter fans to go out and buy this. Eerey Tocsin is one of the most charming, amusing and daring heroines to come down the literary highway in years.

This adventure is fast-paced, dark and mysterious and a through joy to read. Just when you think the wonder and magic have slowed down, you turn the page and wham, it jumps right back at you. I really, really hope this is on the first in a series. I am now an Eerey fan and I want more. Lots more.

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Larry Marshall said...

I just took advantage of Cornerstone Books' end of year sale and ordered Kevin's book. Good to see you reviewing it.